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What should I wear? Comfort is important. Any type of gym gear (i.e. tee shirt/athletic sports top, yoga pants for barre & yoga/athletic leggings for cycling, socks, etc) is appropriate, but plan to sweat. We don't recommend wearing short or loose fitting shorts. We have a bathroom for you to change in, but we do not have shower facilities. Our restrooms are equipped with hair elastics, deodorant, mouth wash, hair spray, and other items you may want to utilize before or after class. 
What do I bring to class? We provide all equipment necessary for all classes. This includes mats, hand towels, weights, cycling shoes, skidless towels for hot yoga, etc. All we ask is that you bring water. If you forget water it is available for purchase for $1. 
Do I have to wear cycling shoes to cycling classes?
Yes. We provide cycling shoes free of charge to all clients. You can use your own cycling shoes if you own a pair. Please note, the clip on your shoe must fit the pedal on our bikes, which are dual sided. They are compatible with SPD clips and Delta LOOK cleats. 
By utilizing cycling shoes the risk of your foot slipping off the pedal is greatly reduced. Since these shoes lock onto the pedals, you can generate more power and more easily recruit all the muscles involved in the pedal stroke.  This makes it easier to get that nice round pedal stroke we all strive for, without some muscles dominating more than others, which can lead to muscle imbalances and even injury.
I am not in great physical condition. Can I make it through a class?
Yes you can! We do admit our classes are challenging, but we are proud to be able to accommodate all fitness levels in our classes. 
We do recommend listening to your body, and sitting out exercises or taking breaks when needed. When you feel like you have recovered you simply join back into the class routine. THIS IS NOT A COMPETITION WITH OTHERS! You are competing only with yourself. Over time your fitness level will improve and you can then challenge yourself further by moving up to the more advanced modifications.  
We occasionally offer "Barre Basics" and "Bike Basics" workshops for those nervous to start out in our cycling and barre classes. These will break down the specific exercises and movements at a slower pace to ensure everyone is comfortable moving forward into our regularly scheduled classes. Reach out to us to ask about our next scheduled workshop. 
How many times do I need to come per week to see results? 
We recommend attending at least 3-4 times per week for the best results. We believe a mixture of strength training and cardio will provide the most well rounded and effective exercise routine. Remember to also make healthy choices in your diet as this is a very important component to obtaining your desired results. 
Do I have to enroll in advance? Many classes at peak times do fill up in advance, so it is highly recommended to reserve your classes in advance. Drop-ins are welcome, but not guaranteed. 
What is the cancellation policy? You must cancel all classes at least four (4) hours in advance to avoid penalty. Clients who fail to cancel within this window will either be charged $10 (month series clients) or lose a credit from their credit package. For month clients there is a monthly 2 class grace period, and penalty fees start on the third offense. 
 We do understand unforeseen circumstances come up. Please contact us if this happens and we will gladly work with you. This policy allows us to more effectively accommodate our clients as many have wait lists and we want everyone to have the chance to attend class if there is an available spot. 
How do I cancel a reservation? You can cancel reservations by logging into the website, viewing your schedule, and removing yourself from classes you can no longer attend. Please don't hesitate to contact us with questions. 
What happens if I arrive late to class? If you are arriving late to class please call us to let us know in advance so we will not give up your spot to a walk-in client. At the start of class empty spaces will be given up to walk-in clients. 
We do not accept new clients into class after start time as it is imperative to set up new clients and prepare them for class. New clients are required to fill out forms prior to class start, so please arrive at least 15 minutes early to your first class. 
Additionally, all clients new to cycling MUST arrive 5-10 minutes early for their first class to allow time for them to be set up on their bike before class as this is imperative to a comfortable, safe, and effective ride.