Jonesboro, AR   


Certification: hot yoga vinyasa flow 200 hour RYT, barreamped foundations
Style of Teaching: eclectic
Favorite Music Style: indie rock, 90s hip hop
Favorite Hobby:
Favorite Travel Destination: pacific northwest
Favorite Athletic Apparel Brand: spiritual gangster, lululemon
Favorite Workout Aside From What I Teach: running
Favorite Fit Food: green juice
Indulgence: sushi
Guilty Pleasure: cupcakes

Lindsay instructs the following:
  • Add an extra element of shake to your barre class! 

  • studioYOGA
  • This class is the place you want to be if want to lose weight, increase strength, flexibility, cross-train, sharpen mental focus, or simply spend time on your mat. This class combines movement and breath to foster strength, flexibility, balance, and self-awareness. You will flow consistently from pose to pose which utilizes the principles of alighment and ridding the body of toxins. This class is challenging and will transform your body and revive your spirit. Open to all levels. Optional use of weights encouraged.