Jonesboro, AR   

Bike + Barre {express}

This class is taught by:

Mellanee Harmon

Certification: AFFA NETA Personal Fitness Certification, Mat Pilates & Personal Trainer Certification, BarreAmped Foundations, Advance, Bootcamp, & Fire, zenstudio studioCYCLE certification
Style of Teaching: "you are stronger than you think" mentality "one more set" style.  Motivating you to push yourself harder than you're ever gone before and then celebrate with you every goal you reach!
Favorite Music Style: Variety is KEY! studioSCULPT has to be upbeat to find your sweat and go fast and hard in 20 seconds. studioBARRE bootcamp is all about strength and power so music is based with a strong beat, uplifting but with grit!
Favorite Hobby: Dog training with my German Shepard
Favorite Travel Destination: Cruise to the Caribbean
Favorite Athletic Apparel Brand: Depends! Sweaty workouts I want Nike or Under Armour. For Yoga & Barre: Athleta, Victoria's Secret leggings are to die for and Alo Yoga Wear
Favorite Workout Aside From What I Teach: yoga
Favorite Fit Food: 2 eggs over easy with a bunch of greens, roasted veggies and red pepper

Leah Hyneman

Certification: B.S.E. in Exercise Science, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, E-RYT 200 Yoga Alliance, BarreAmped Teacher Trainer, zenstudio studioCYCLE certification, Schwinn Cycling Instructor, Thai Yoga Massage, AFFA Practical Pilates, Power Pilates
Style of Teaching: fun, spunky, & encouraging
Favorite Music Style: I love all music but pick it to my mood!
Favorite Hobby: cooking
Favorite Travel Destination: Disney!
Favorite Athletic Apparel Brand: lululemon, alo, beyond yoga
Favorite Workout Aside From What I Teach: swimming & walking my pups with the hubs!
Favorite Fit Food: does mexican count?
Indulgence: the one thing i cannot say no to is pizza
Guilty Pleasure: staying in my pajamas all day!
bike + barre is the best of both worlds: the first half is intense heart pounding cardio on the bike + the second half is strengthening & lengthening at the barre. this class is perfect for our cardio queens + barrebies. but express!