Jonesboro, AR   


This class is taught by:

Nikki Tagupa

Certification: zenstudio studioCYCLE certification, zenstudio studioSCULPT certification
Style of Teaching: positive & and motivating
Favorite Music Style: whatever is on the radio
Favorite Hobby: reading
Favorite Travel Destination: London, England
Favorite Athletic Apparel Brand: Old Navy tank tops and Nike leggings
Favorite Workout Aside From What I Teach: high intensity intervals over a shorter time period (usually brain breaks from studying)
Favorite Fit Food: USANA dutch chocolate whey protein meal replacement shakes
Indulgence: chips and queso!!!!
Guilty Pleasure: binge watching Netflix on a Saturday (maybe Sunday too)
Bring your #sister or your #bestie for a #doubletrouble #sundayfunday special spin class! One reservation reserves two bikes in class & dinner 🍕 + drinks 🍻&🍷 post class 🙌🏼