Jonesboro, AR   

hot zenyasa flow

This class is taught by:

Leah Hyneman

Certification: B.S.E. in Exercise Science, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, E-RYT 200 Yoga Alliance, BarreAmped Teacher Trainer, zenstudio studioCYCLE certification, Schwinn Cycling Instructor, Thai Yoga Massage, AFFA Practical Pilates, Power Pilates
Style of Teaching: fun, spunky, & encouraging
Favorite Music Style: I love all music but pick it to my mood!
Favorite Hobby: cooking
Favorite Travel Destination: Disney!
Favorite Athletic Apparel Brand: lululemon, alo, beyond yoga
Favorite Workout Aside From What I Teach: swimming & walking my pups with the hubs!
Favorite Fit Food: does mexican count?
Indulgence: the one thing i cannot say no to is pizza
Guilty Pleasure: staying in my pajamas all day!

Lindsay Ivy

Certification: hot yoga vinyasa flow 200 hour RYT, barreamped foundations
Style of Teaching: eclectic
Favorite Music Style: indie rock, 90s hip hop
Favorite Hobby:
Favorite Travel Destination: pacific northwest
Favorite Athletic Apparel Brand: spiritual gangster, lululemon
Favorite Workout Aside From What I Teach: running
Favorite Fit Food: green juice
Indulgence: sushi
Guilty Pleasure: cupcakes

Lindsey Little

Certification: Holy Yoga

Style of Teaching: Traditional, restorative, hatha, flow, yin/yang, meditative, and magical.

Favorite Music Style: For yoga that would be peaceful music that is kind to the soul :)

Favorite Hobby: Loving people, traveling the world, exploring the universe with my mind... pretty much anything in nature. Feeling connected, rooted, balanced, one.

Favorite Travel Destination: Thailand.

Favorite Athletic Apparel Brand: Spiritual Gangsta

Favorite Workout Aside From What I Teach: Sculpt... and pretty much everything at Zen.

Favorite Fit Food: Avo/Raw Cacao protein shake, and....Kombucha.

Indulgence: Massages, Acupuncture, Hot epsom baths, meditation.... heaven.

Guilty Pleasure: dark chocolate and wine

studioYOGA hot is a 60 minute class performed in a room heated to 100-105 degrees. The heat allows clients to achieve increased flexibility, deepening the practice for maximum results. Hand towel, mat and all class accessories are provided. Please arrive 15 minutes early for your first class.