zenstudio is a group fitness boutique offering indoor cycling, barre, yoga, bounce, pilates & interval training classes with locations in Jonesboro, in Little Rock, Fayetteville Arkansas and our newest location, Memphis Tennessee.  zenstudio is proud to be a one stop shop for all of your fitness needs. We offer a variety of classes to be sure that you avoid fitness plateaus and boredom with your routine. Our highly trained instructors are here to motivate you and encourage you every step of the way, all while monitoring you to be sure you maintain proper form. the best part?

all new clients get their first week of classes FREE! 


ZenSpin - Indoor Cycling & Barre Classes

our beliefs

 → Exercise is important.

It is a universally accepted fact that physical exercise is important not only for the health of your body, but for your mental health as well. We hope to become a place that empowers you, and helps you create healthy changes that you maintain for a lifetime. 


→ Exercise should be fun.

We believe that in order to make exercise a long-term commitment, it MUST BE FUN.  Our classes are designed to let you “feel the beat” of the music in a dimly lit environment where you are in your own world…. no one is watching you… it is just you, your intention, and the music. Yes, you are going to sweat. Yes, it will be hard. But we provide the instruction, the motivation, and the lively music. It’s a blast.


→ Exercise should be done at your own pace.

Exercise should be done at your own pace. Every person is unique.  Each of us comes into the class with different levels of fitness and conditioning.  Our instructors encourage you to work at your own pace, and over time with dedication your fitness level will vastly improve. If you become winded simply sit back and rest for a  minute or two. When you feel like it, you jump back into the fray. This is not a competition with others…it is solely a competition with yourself. To better yourself with each movement, each class, each day. We promise that over time you will see your fitness level improve and those time periods of rest will decrease… a sure sign of progress.